To receive something is

to take it in.
to welcome.
to accept.

You can’t only half-receive something.
Maybe you pretend to welcome something in –
but you and I both know
you never really receieved it in the first place.

Receiving means taking something in
something in its entirety
seeing it
seeing it all
and still saying yes

So why this fear to receive?

Why is it so hard for us – for me –
to receive something like…

“you are loved.”

Have I ever really accepted this? Welcomed it in? Received this? Let it rest in my hands? On me?

Or do we only say “yes” when we warrant this statement to be true? When we feel it’s true? Do you see what I’m saying… we… us… when we

See – I don’t want to receive this because I feel that first I need to be transformed – body, personality, smile etc – before I receive this.
My standards… eh (pride)… get in the way… and suddenly I become the determiner of what love actually is.

But if I’m the one who is determining what unconditional love is… I don’t think it will ever again be unconditional. Because all of my “conditions” will keep it bottled up for so long that love will die… along with me…

So – receive.

To receive.
To take it in.
To welcome.
To accept.

What if I actually accepted “you are loved.” Received it. Took it in.

“I am loved.”
Loved by the One who loves me unconditionally.

And this is what would lead to transformation…?