True wholeness – healing of the heart

True wholeness – through your soul, over your skin, in your eyes, resting on your frame wholeness – must come from a whole heart. From a healed heart. For the heart is the “wellspring of life.” Prov 4:23

If the fibers of my heart are woven with darkness,
with lies,
with bitterness,
with fear.

And if, my heart is the wellspring of life –
from it flow
the wellsprings of life…

Won’t what’s in my heart, influencing my heart, holding my heart
flow out into my life
affect all areas of my life?
Manifest itself in my frame? My everything?

So often we walk around like “whitewashed tombs.”
Pretending everything is ok and coating ourselves in layers of masks.
Yearning for depth yet only able to go so shallow.

Inside… our hearts are corroding.
Twisting with the death we’ve agreed with.

I’ve tried so hard on my own strength to solve the problem… to try and bring depth
to try and bring wholeness to my body.
But I feel that I’ve tried to go about it wrong.
Tried to use a bandaid when surgery was actually needed.

See, if a garden needs watering – needs life
needs nourishing
but the garden hose is kinked and
full of silt
and plugged with dirt

any water
no matter how pure and clean and healthy it may be
will go through those filters
will get stuck in the kinks

so the garden keeps dying

the problem is the kinks
my agreements with the lies and the fear and the self-hate

so agreements need to be broken
fibers need to be severed

Praise Jesus that the way for this has already been made
In the Name of the One who created my heart
Agreements with darkness, no matter if made consciously or unconsciously
are broken.

“I’m sorry Lord for agreeing with self-hate and fear and anxiety.”

Kinks, once capturing life and filtering in fear
no longer remain

Instead, Truth is spoken into broken heart
and new bonds begin to form
bonds of hope and strength
and you-are-more
and you-can-do-this

“I agree with your Truth that I am made for a purpose- that you’ve accepted me and not rejected me – that life has a meaning and there is Hope. That I am no longer a slave to fear, but a child of God.”

Now, pure life flowing in
flows pure life out

and plants
yearning to be nourished
can really actually be nourished

Health in my heart can manifest as health in my frame
and my eyes
and my soul

Nourishing the heart
nourishing the source…
opening to the Nourisher

this is where the healing begins.
This is where the wholeness comes.

And it’s not too late.