Day # 16 – Thankfulness yet again..

So, I know I’ve talked about this, but yes, oh yes, thankfulness reminds us of the JOY that is so present in our lives.
It’s so easy right about now to get super worn down and overwhelemed with everything… a touch of dehydration from hot weather running doesn’t help matters 🙂 Although you get a sweet tan! 🙂
But no, it’s so easy for me right now to get discouraged, but I want to rest in God’s peace and just take each moment as it comes.
So here are some things I’m thankful for:

1. That I just checked out of my Ochem lab! Woah! I made it!
2. That I have an awesome roomie ❤
3. Water – so, so good.
4. The ability to run.
5. Food.
6. Ice cream :d
7. Decorah -what an awesome place
8. Awesome professors
9. Chacos!

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