Day # 7- Joyful for Truth that trumps all… and Tornadoes :d

So, I am joyful today because we got to have the wonderful, White Ribbon Day, at Focus tonight. Wow. What a blessing ❤ They are such an amazing group and have such a beautiful heart. I want to do this!

I am joyful that God crosses our paths with such amazing people.

I am also joyful that God is Truth even when we don't feel like we know what's true.

So, here's some Truths that I'm just gonna shout out.

1. Our worth is not based on our physical appearance.
2. Our beauty is defined by Jesus and comes not from physical beauty but beauty of the heart.
3. We are not alone because He is with us.
4. We can live with Joy even when circumstances say otherwise.
5. Each day is brand new with no mistakes in it.
6. I don't have to live on my own strength but can rest in his.
7. I don't have to fix my problems – in fact I can't – and frankly, Jesus is not just there to fix my problems. He is there to bring completeness so that I can live for Him and love others how He loves.

I really want these to soak into my heart. Please help us, Jesus.

Also, I'm joyful because whippy dip cookie dough tornadoes are really really good… and really really sugary so whippy doo da!! Ochem homework here I come!

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