Day #6 Joy is a birthright

So today has been one of those mixed emotions, helter skelter, crazy run-around days. 

And honestly, it’s kind of hard right now to maintain a joyful attitude. But I’m reminded that even though I don’t necessarily feel joyful, that doesn’t mean that joy doesn’t exist. 

The simple but beautiful Truth is that when Jesus came and dwelled inside of us when we asked Him into our heart is that His very nature is both inside us and it clothes us. Who He is and who he says we are is what we stand on and base our thought life and actions on. Since Jesus is Truth and Joy and Freedom, these are things written on your heart and flowing through your veins as well as the warm cloak that covers you head to toe. Joy, Freedom, Hope, Peace, Truth… these are now Truths that belong to you… now that you’ve been freed from the sinful nature and are adopted as a son or daughter of the Father.

But… let’s be honest. It’s easy to let emotions take the best of you and trick you into believing they are what define Truth -that these other things – the attributes of being a child of God- don’t hold any weight. As a result, when I’m feeling down or discouraged, I let my emotions tell me things are hopeless and a mess. But that’s not what Jesus sees. Oh if we could only see what He says. It would change everything. 

So, despite my emotions, Joy still reigns in my heart above ALL else – all the anxiety, worries, etc., because Joy is the message of Jesus’ grace and adoption to us. 

I can live in joy right now because He has set my heart free and there’s a peak to this mountain I’m a-climbin’

You can do it. Not in your own strength, but in His. 

Phil 4:13

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