Day 3- Living in Joy

Ok. So this morning I was thinking about my whole day and how it was going to be perfect and I was going to take all these perfect pictures and have one of those ideal blogs… you know, the ones with the perfect instagram-y pictures where life looks like peaches and cream… but I think God wanted me to do otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong. My day wasn’t a train wreck or anything… there were a lot of good things about it and a lot of things that reminded me of true JOY that is really all around me.

But tonight has been a bit discouraging with different occurences… it’s really easy to feel defeated and overcome with different things and to just want to throw up your hands and just give up.

But that’s exactly what the enemy wants – for us to give up. But guess what, we don’t have to give into that.
I’m sick of giving in.

God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And… we’re not even the ones handling it in the first place- He is. I have to surrender all my “stuff” to him… worries about people, homework, tests, summer, exercise, worries about how He’s going to bring His love to Luther… worries that seem to just hang on me.

Listen to the song “Take Heart” while you read the rest of this.

My Joy and my confidence is not determined by my circumstances – it’s grounded firmly on God and His Truth.

So tonight – Day 3
Joy is the fact that although I am so weak and discouraged right now – He is stronger and He is carrying me. I truly believe that.
Joy is that He has set me free.
Joy is that He is coming to set the captives free and draw us close to Him.
Joy is that He is using us to show His children His deep and radical LOVE.

Joy is Jesus.
And Jesus is my Savior, Lover, and Best Friend.

Don’t be afraid.
The King of the Universe is holding your hand.
Stand strong in Truth.
Take heart. Our King is coming.

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