24 Days of Joy

It’s been a while! Man, o man, how the semester has flown! How is it already April 22nd?



So, God has been teaching me a lot about JOY in the midst of hardship…
It’s so hard to be joyful and hopeful when your going through an intense struggle or things are just overwhelming.

“Consider it pure JOY my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1:2

This is so counter-cultural… Why would I be joyful when everything is against me? But that’s what we’re lied into believing… we’re tricked into thinking that the situation is bigger than anything else… that we’re drowning and nothing can save us…

But this is where faith in Jesus Christ has set me free. I don’t think I really believed before that He could set me free from my struggles with self-image and never feeling “good enough.” I mean, sure I said that I believed and I thought I believed this Truth, but my actions didn’t really show it.

Now, only by His grace and His voice speaking Truth am I really starting to believe and act in the TRUTH that He has set me free and He has a better life for me. Not one weighed down with anxiety and condemnation and worry. Wow. This is SO COOL!!!!!!!!! WHAT OTHER KIND OF LOVE OUT THERE DOES THIS FOR YOU?!?!?!

This isn’t to say though that I don’t struggle. That would be a huge lie. I still struggle, everyday, and my mind is still being renewed, but now I am realizing the Truth and it is slowly but surely sinking into my cold and crippled self to bring wholeness and life.

He wants this for you too.

SO, to actively stand in the TRUTH that in the midst of all the crap and yuckies in life, there is a JOY and a FREEDOM that is greater and that will set us FREE, I am going to post something that is JOYFUL everyday for the last 24 days of school.

So, the photo for DAY #1 OF JOY-

Photo on 2013-04-22 at 10.46

Ok. So after looking at this, you’re probably not jumping up and down with joy and happiness…. 🙂
Yup, this isn’t a really super exciting photo. But I think it embodies what I’m trying to get across here/what Jesus is telling us. This looks dreary and boring… and I’m studying organic chemistry in the science building… so, it appears to be not so joyful. BUT, in the midst of this, I choose Joy.

You can too.


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