Day #8

So my joy for today is inspired by this:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9

So often I go throughout my life feeling, oh, now I’m weak… oop, yeaah! Now I’m strong, yeah! And now that I’m strong, I can live fully for God and woo hoo, be this amazing light!

And then when I’m “weak” I don’t feel like I can do anything… like I’m a complete “failure” for the Kingdom.

But why am I to determine that?

This verse above says otherwise…


Day # 7- Joyful for Truth that trumps all… and Tornadoes :d

So, I am joyful today because we got to have the wonderful, White Ribbon Day, at Focus tonight. Wow. What a blessing ❤ They are such an amazing group and have such a beautiful heart. I want to do this!

I am joyful that God crosses our paths with such amazing people.

I am also joyful that God is Truth even when we don't feel like we know what's true.

So, here's some Truths that I'm just gonna shout out.

1. Our worth is not based on our physical appearance.
2. Our beauty is defined by Jesus and comes not from physical beauty but beauty of the heart.
3. We are not alone because He is with us.
4. We can live with Joy even when circumstances say otherwise.
5. Each day is brand new with no mistakes in it.
6. I don't have to live on my own strength but can rest in his.
7. I don't have to fix my problems – in fact I can't – and frankly, Jesus is not just there to fix my problems. He is there to bring completeness so that I can live for Him and love others how He loves.

I really want these to soak into my heart. Please help us, Jesus.

Also, I'm joyful because whippy dip cookie dough tornadoes are really really good… and really really sugary so whippy doo da!! Ochem homework here I come!

Day #6 Joy is a birthright

So today has been one of those mixed emotions, helter skelter, crazy run-around days. 

And honestly, it’s kind of hard right now to maintain a joyful attitude. But I’m reminded that even though I don’t necessarily feel joyful, that doesn’t mean that joy doesn’t exist. 

The simple but beautiful Truth is that when Jesus came and dwelled inside of us when we asked Him into our heart is that His very nature is both inside us and it clothes us. Who He is and who he says we are is what we stand on and base our thought life and actions on. Since Jesus is Truth and Joy and Freedom, these are things written on your heart and flowing through your veins as well as the warm cloak that covers you head to toe. Joy, Freedom, Hope, Peace, Truth… these are now Truths that belong to you… now that you’ve been freed from the sinful nature and are adopted as a son or daughter of the Father.

But… let’s be honest. It’s easy to let emotions take the best of you and trick you into believing they are what define Truth -that these other things – the attributes of being a child of God- don’t hold any weight. As a result, when I’m feeling down or discouraged, I let my emotions tell me things are hopeless and a mess. But that’s not what Jesus sees. Oh if we could only see what He says. It would change everything. 

So, despite my emotions, Joy still reigns in my heart above ALL else – all the anxiety, worries, etc., because Joy is the message of Jesus’ grace and adoption to us. 

I can live in joy right now because He has set my heart free and there’s a peak to this mountain I’m a-climbin’

You can do it. Not in your own strength, but in His. 

Phil 4:13

Day 4- Joyful Things

Wooo hoooo!!!

I can’t help but be SO JOYFUL about the GORGEOUS DAY!!

I went on a run down by the river and was like…

And then I was like:


And phew… Boy, did I book it… so I was like..


And then… I was like…


And then I was starving so I…


I am joyful for humor… is that allowed? 🙂 And for random pictures on the internet.

I’m joyful that God created us all with awesome personalities! Be confident in your own! YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE!

Day 3- Living in Joy

Ok. So this morning I was thinking about my whole day and how it was going to be perfect and I was going to take all these perfect pictures and have one of those ideal blogs… you know, the ones with the perfect instagram-y pictures where life looks like peaches and cream… but I think God wanted me to do otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong. My day wasn’t a train wreck or anything… there were a lot of good things about it and a lot of things that reminded me of true JOY that is really all around me.

But tonight has been a bit discouraging with different occurences… it’s really easy to feel defeated and overcome with different things and to just want to throw up your hands and just give up.

But that’s exactly what the enemy wants – for us to give up. But guess what, we don’t have to give into that.
I’m sick of giving in.

God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And… we’re not even the ones handling it in the first place- He is. I have to surrender all my “stuff” to him… worries about people, homework, tests, summer, exercise, worries about how He’s going to bring His love to Luther… worries that seem to just hang on me.

Listen to the song “Take Heart” while you read the rest of this.

My Joy and my confidence is not determined by my circumstances – it’s grounded firmly on God and His Truth.

So tonight – Day 3
Joy is the fact that although I am so weak and discouraged right now – He is stronger and He is carrying me. I truly believe that.
Joy is that He has set me free.
Joy is that He is coming to set the captives free and draw us close to Him.
Joy is that He is using us to show His children His deep and radical LOVE.

Joy is Jesus.
And Jesus is my Savior, Lover, and Best Friend.

Don’t be afraid.
The King of the Universe is holding your hand.
Stand strong in Truth.
Take heart. Our King is coming.


So, today has been one of those roller coaster type days… but the neat thing is that although my circumstances are crazy and up and down, Jesus and His Truth are constant. 

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17 

He is constant and True.

This brings me JOY! 

And so does this!

ImageHe has already set us free. And we can live in this freedom!! Praise Jesus!! Do I see some dancing!?! Ah yeah!! 

So, shake it out. Take a breath. Step back and see that God has it all in his hands. We can do this in HIS strength! Peace to you tonight!