People are beautiful.

How cool to say that I’m writing this blog from Germany right now. What a blessing! I have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that I am actually here! 🙂 it’s definitely been an adventure and one with a purpose! It’s been really neat to see how God has been revealing that purpose as time has gone on and I’ve faced and persevered through different challenges.

If anything has been impressed on my heart from this trip though, I would say that I have come to an even greater realization of how beautiful people really are.

This goes for all of my classmates on this trip to the many different wonderful people we’ve met so far.

I’m just amazed at how unique and perfect God has made each one of us.

“I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” psalms 139:14

He says that he makes us “fearfully” and “wonderfully.” I need to do more thought into what “fearfully” means… If anyone has any thoughts on this please comment! 🙂

It’s just been so awesome to get to know different people… So often we think that what we do defines us and defines our worth… But that is not true… Rather it is who we are that is so beautiful and so worthy.

When God made you, the heavens shook and the seas foamed! Such a noise came from heaven of signing and rejoicing because you, his unique creation, was finished – soon ready to be placed on earth to portray Gods amazing beauty and to remind others who they are – Jesus’s masterpieces.

The look in His eyes when He looks at you is brimming over with love and compassion at the inexpressibly beautiful masterpiece before him. Tears run down His cheeks and He can’t help but hold his arms out to, beckoning you to come so he can hold you close – to keep you safe – to let you rest in the true peace that he so freely offers us.

I desire so much to see myself how God sees me. Because I think it is very different than how I see myself. That’s what God told me.

I struggle with seeing myself as beautiful. Unique. Doubting that I have something special to offer – feeling like someone else could just fill my shoes if I were absent. But this is because I am looking at myself from the world’s eyes.

Eyes so clouded over with deception and lies that I can barely see out of them. So I then act in a way according to this and treat myself like the thing I see out of these tinted eyes. It’s easy to have self disgust for yourself when all you can see is a mucky, distorted image.

At this point, I can’t just rub my eyes and try to create a better self-image of myself. I need something else. Smething more powerful than anything else in the whole universe to restore my vision. The real vision that I was born with and created to live with.

“And He took the blind man by the hand and led him it to the village , and when he had spit in his eyes and laid his hands on him, he asked him, “do you see anything?” And he looked up and said, “I see men, but they look like trees walking.” Then Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again; and he opened his eyes, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.” Mark 8:22-25

I need to ask Jesus to spit in my eyes and lay His hands on them. They are do filled with dirt and muck that I don’t even know me any more. But He does. And He heals and mends what it destroyed and seemingly impossible to fix.

I’ll leave you with this. When I started this post, I was thinking I’d focus on the amazing things I’ve seen in other people and how much they mean to me. To write about the people I dearly love.

But if we see others as so beautiful and so worthy of love… Shouldn’t we see ourselves this way too?

What would it look like if we saw ourselves as Jesus does. How much more effective would we be… how much freer would we be.. Ready to confidently accept the challenges Jesus presents to us? I want live more freely. To live the way Jesusmade me to be.

Clean my eyes, Jesus. Renew my mind.

Ask Him for this. He wants to restore you.